Our product are only tested on lovely human faces. We love animals, and we are thorough to  make sure we only work with suppliers that operate under the same values as us. This is important to our mission. Animal welfare is a human responsibility in our eyes.

Nature's Ingredients

We source and make the highest quality, non-gmo & natural ingredients for our formulations and when possible we always choose organic. We will always specify the contents of organic ingredients on our labels. If you ever have any questions about our ingredients, drop us a line.

Whole Plant

We try to use the entirety of a plant composition when considering out formulation, this helps us reduce waste and contribute to our mission of sustainability. Using the whole plant to produce a product means less waste and we work with reputable Canadian suppliers that uphold this standard. 


Our brand is build on values of sustainability. Most of our ingredients are sourced from within Canada where possible, which allows us to keep transportation to a minimum, thus reducing our total carbon emissions. We aim to protect the environment and our community. We pledge to build a product that causes no unnecessary harm to any living thing - animals, humans, the earth.  It's as simple as that.

Supporting Local

We are committed to sourcing local ingredients and materials, where it is possible. When working with exotic ingredients, we chose suppliers who's mission it is support their local communities. In 2021 we are committed to sourcing packaging from Canadian suppliers only. 

Small batch

We are a small batch production. We produce no more that 50 units of each formula at a time. This allows us to have superb quality control, instill love and care into each product we produce and keep products to their maximum freshness. You can bet that you will be getting the most freshly mixed batch product each time you receive it in the mail.

Body Positive Skincare

Our brand stands behind the values of soul and body positivity. Join our movement- #bodypositiveskincare We believe that in today's world it is so easy to get caught up in feeling like we are never enough. This messaging attacks us from all angles: social media filters, photoshopped magazines and even people in our lives play a part. We are here to tell you: "You are enough! You are beautiful! You are strong!" We want you to be whatever you want to be. Attract positivity into your daily routine and feel yourself just be. 

All Inclusive

Our brand is for every BODY. Acceptance of yourself in at the core of I AM, and our mission would not make sense if we didn't accept all. Whatever way you come: your size, shape, gender, skin colour, orientation & personal preference. I AM will always be a safe space for you. We hope to make everyone feel included and safe in this space, while we are learning how to accept ourselves all at the same time. 


We will never put harmful preservatives, mineral oil, suds, alcohol, parabens, talc, synthetic fragrance, sulphates, siloxane, petroleum or aluminium in our products as these ingredients can cause an array of skin problems in the long and short term. We are committed to providing only raw plant ingredients. If we use a preservative in our water based formulas, we make sure to use only natural but potent preservatives, known to keep your skin protected from harmful bacteria, fungi and microbes. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.