Brighter Days - Enzymes & Clay Masque


  • ⋒ Mix 1 teaspoon with yoghurt, honey, rose water or aloe juice in a small bowl until a smooth paste is formed. The mixture shouldn't be runny or be too thick, aim for a yoghurt like texture.

    ⋒ Apply liberally onto a freshly cleansed face, and wash off before the mask dries to avoid any irritation commonly associated with dry clay tightening on the face. The clay stops working when its dry, so the most benefit you receive is when it's still damp.

    Note from Ekaterina: "I often mix my clay with yoghurt & honey to prolong its effect. Wet clay releases more nutrients into your skin. Honey, being a natural humectant will draw moisture to itself keeping the mask wet longer. I will use this mask right after the shower, while my skin is still warm and damp, it's when my pores are most open and ready to release any trapped debris."